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Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution

Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution

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Cleaning jewellery quickly and easily has never been so simple! Our solution is designed to provide a clean finish, in minutes. Just pour it in and it'll do the rest!

With optimal performance in water temperatures between 20° and 50°, this cleaner works perfectly with our ultrasonic jewellery cleaner...

For any more questions, please email us at or check our FAQ page out here.

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Perfectly combined with our jewellery cleaner...

Product Information

The Process

  1. Add 25 - 50ml of our cleaning solution to every 300ml of water
  2. Ensure the water is between 30° - 50° (if you are using another ultrasonic to our own, please follow their related instructions)
  3. Wipe with a microfiber cloth in a circular motion till dry (we include a free Jewellery Vault cloth with orders over £30)


The cleaning solution contains 250ml and you can get at least 10 cleans from the solution

Ingredients & Precautions

Precaution measures:

  • Avoid getting the solution on your skin and eyes by wearing glasses and gloves
  • Do not overfill the cleaner causing a potential risk of overflow

Hazardous ingredients include:

  3. PROPAN-2-OL

Symptoms / routes of exposure:

  • Skin contact: Blistering may occur. Progressive ulceration will occur if treatment is not immediate.
  • Eye contact: Corneal burns may occur. May cause permanent damage.
  • Ingestion: Corrosive burns may appear around the lips. Blood may be vomited. There may be bleeding from the mouth or nose.
  • Inhalation: There may be shortness of breath with a burning sensation in the throat. Exposure may cause coughing or wheezing.
  • Delayed / immediate effects: Immediate effects can be expected after short-term exposure.


If the product was not what you expected or didn't satisfy your needs, please get in touch at You have 3 months warranty on the product and a 14 day return period from arrival.

Purchase the ultrasonic cleaner & cleaning solution for a free microfiber cloth...

Any purchase over £30 receive a microfiber cloth on the house!

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